"I don't want to dye!"

I’ve uttered those words on many occasions.  I guess I’m a lazy hooker, but if I can buy dyed wool for a rug, I will.  Yes, I do dye under duress, but it’s not how I want to spend my time. I'd rather keep pulling loops.  When I buy dyed wool from someone like Jan Cole/The Wool ‘n Gardener,  I’m supporting someone else’s business.  Jan vends at many hook-ins and other venues.

I feel so much better with that confession off my chest. 

So, where else do I buy my wool?  Since 2006, when I began to hook rugs, I’ve been buying the bulk of my wool from Rebecca Erb/The Wool Studio.  Her wools are gorgeous!  I am always anxious to receive her quarterly swatch mailings.  Each sample is more beautiful than the last.  I want ALL of them!  Of course, I usually don’t need more wool, but what does need have to do with it?  I cannot resist the beautiful colors and textures, the feel of the wool and even the smell of it.  My wool bins are overflowing, but there always seems to be room for more.  Rebecca’s wools are wonderful to use “as is”, or they can be over-dyed.

Rebecca’s recent mailing had wools in beautiful fall colors and I ordered five of them.  The photo below shows the wools with some natural plants and vegetables in the same hues.  The fall is so full of lush vibrant colors.  I can’t wait to use these new wools in future rugs.

So, maybe I don’t want to dye… but I do want to keep on hooking!

There’s a lot of beauty out there, and my bins are full of it.