Small things.

I’ve gotten busy hooking some things for my stint at One Good Woman on November first.  Small things.  I’m calling them Teapot Trivets, because the store sells amazing teas (and coffee).  Wouldn’t it be nice to set your teapot on something special?

I’ve found over the years, that making things to sell is different than making things “just because”.  Sure, I make patterns to sell, but they are a result of rugs that I’ve been inspired to design and hook for myself.  Somehow there’s a step missing when making things to sell to others.  How do I know what others like?  I’m a coffee drinker, so what kinds of motifs do tea drinkers like?  Should I take a survey?  I don’t think I have time for that.  So, I’ve decided to set these questions aside and just hook motifs that appeal to me. 

The Teapot Trivets that I’ve made so far are round and dinner plate size.  I’m also hooking a topper for one of my painted footstools.  Perhaps some weary tea drinker would like to prop her feet up as she is enjoying her favorite brew.

Tomorrow I head off to Cape Cod as I do each year during the first week of October, my favorite month.  It is a perfect time to be up there.  Warm days and cool nights.  Fairly empty beaches to stroll along and look for treasures.  Small things.  I always get inspiration for rug designs when I’m there.  I’ll share some photos in my next blog.

There’s a lot of beauty out there, and I’ll be seeing a lot of it on Cape Cod.

Some teapot trivets bound and ready to go.

Some teapot trivets bound and ready to go.