Around the World Blog Hop


What is an around the world blog hop, you ask?  I’m not sure who started this, but artists and fiber artists take turns introducing themselves and inviting other artists, whom they admire, to participate.  It’s a way for us to introduce ourselves to an audience of people who might not be aware of our work.  We can share our blog readers.  How could I say no?

I was invited to participate by Karen Miller, a fibre artist, who lives and works in Ottawa, Ontario.  Karen uses fibre art techniques to create hand-hooked yarn landscapes and abstract designs.   I discovered Karen on Facebook and was immediately impressed with her artistry, use of color, and enthusiasm for the craft of rug hooking.  Do yourself a favor and check out her website and follow her blog at  I think you’ll become a fan of hers, too.

So, I guess it’s my turn to give some insight about myself, and what I do.  My background is in graphic arts.  I have a BA in Art and advanced studies in advertising and commercial design.  All that was many years ago, and since then (about 40+ years!) I’ve used my art background in a variety of ways.

Graphic Art is art that is useful and has a purpose. So when I discovered rug hooking in 2006, I was immediately hooked!  I could use my design, drawing and painting experience to design and hook rugs to use on floors and walls. Perfect!

My design inspirations come mainly from nature.  I love birds and they feature frequently in my designs.  When I have an idea for a design, I see it as if it were a poster.  That’s where my graphic design background comes in.  The subject of the design is prominent and doesn’t compete with a lot going on around it. To me, graphic design means, “less is more”.  It’s a way of depicting a subject in a simple way, with just enough details to make an owl and owl, or a tree a tree.  Although my simple, graphic designs are not primitive designs, they are well suited for those who hook with wider cuts of wool.

Crow and Pear , the first rug I designed and hooked while living in Maine.

Crow and Pear, the first rug I designed and hooked while living in Maine.

I learned to rug hook while living in Maine, but soon after that I moved to Pennsylvania, where I met many other rug hookers.  It was through this association that I was afforded the opportunity to write an article and produce a hooked piece for publication in Rug Hooking Magazine.  With this first one under my belt, I’ve been fortunate to have written and hooked seven projects for the magazine, including my snowy owls on the cover of the Nov/Dec 2012 issue.  Wow- a cover girl at last!

Not Quite White , the cover of Rug Hooking Magazine Nov/Dec 2012

Not Quite White, the cover of Rug Hooking Magazine Nov/Dec 2012

I have a website where I have my patterns for sale and where my blog, The Loop, can be found.  I can usually be found in my home studio, pulling loops, drawing new designs, and filling pattern orders.  I can’t think of a better way to spend my life.  I’m grateful to the wonderful community of rug hookers, who are so open and supportive.   Hookers are the nicest people around!

Cape Cod Tidal Pool,  is one of several designs inspired by trips to Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Tidal Pool, is one of several designs inspired by trips to Cape Cod.

Let me now tag a wonderful artist, Katherine Dunn, who will write her blog hop post next Friday.  Katherine is an artist, writer and shepherdess living on Apifera Farm, a magical place where art and animals merge.  The working farm is also home to a cast of Misfits- old goats, donkeys and pigs- that have been neglected in their age and they arrive to live out their lives or to be hospiced.  Katherine’s paintings are showcased on Sundance and she has written three illustrated books.  Her art has been described as “naïve elegance” and her writing as “part Griffin & Sabine—with a dash of E.B. White and a hint of Rumi”.   Visit her main site and read about her life as artist-farmer at