Deadline = Challenge x 2

I intended to begin the Belling the Cat rug for my daughter, I really did.  But an opportunity presented itself to hook something for publication and I can never resist the Siren call of being published.  Never

It was just a casual mention I made of an interesting idea for a piece for next Halloween time.  A casual mention that resulted in a deadline.  When someone gives me a deadline, it is a challenge that I have to meet.  The deadline is April, which sounds far off, but with “The Holidays” looming large, April will be here before I know it.

Ideas and images for this project began swirling around in my head as I dove into my wool stash.  I quickly realized that I will have to dye.  As I confessed a few weeks ago, dyeing is not my favorite thing to do.  I just want to pull loops!

As I was beginning to form a plan for this project, out of the blue another project was presented to me.  A very interesting project involving my favorite artist.  How could I refuse?  Not to mention, there’s a deadline to meet, and you know how I feel about deadlines.  This deadline is February, so this one will have to be done first. 

I revved up my dye pots and began pulling loops today. No time to waste!  I wish I could show you what I’m working on, but when rugs are slated for publication, they have to remain a big secret until then! 

There’s a lot of beauty out there, but my head will be in the dye pot for quite a while!


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