Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

We’ve had quite a winter here in south central PA.  Lots and lots of snow. Snow on top of ice on top of snow. I lived in Maine for many years, so I’m very comfortable with wintery weather.  In fact, I liked the Maine winters better than the summers.  No black flies in the winter!

The best thing about this weather, besides the beauty of it, is that it keeps me inside with my frame, hook, and latest project.  I finished my Halloween piece titled, The Recipe, which I can’t unveil yet, because it’s slated for the Sept/Oct 2014 issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  When that issue is printed, I’ll add that design on my SHOP page.  One hint…. I based my design on the Three Witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. 

I’m now into another project that I’m very excited about. I’ve been invited to join in a project spearheaded by Lisanne Miller, called Tree-ific Triptych.   But, as with The Recipe, I can’t share it with you yet.  Such subterfuge in the world of rug hooking!

Here’s a photo of my hen house out back.  I can tell you for sure that my 18 hens and one guinea fowl do NOT like the snow!  I’ve been out there twice so far today to shovel out the hen pen.  Happily, it’s a light fluffy snow. I'm about to go out again and see how the girls are faring.

There’s a lot of beauty out there today, but my birds are not seeing it!

My hen house veiled by beautiful, heavy snow today.

My hen house veiled by beautiful, heavy snow today.