Creative Women

The First Monday Crafters group was supposed to meet at my home today, but unfortunately I had to cancel because I have the flu.  I always look forward to this group of fun and talented women.  What makes it so great is the fact that we are all quite different, but we come together to share a few hours, many laughs, sometimes a few tears and always lots of inspiration.  I look around and see them knitting, quilting, rug hooking, making jewelry, stitching penny rugs – you name it.  Being creative brings us together.

I, personally, need this jolt of disparate creative activity.  Although I try to limit my fiber arts to rug hooking and knitting, I can’t help but be excited about what the others are doing.  Seeing how they are using colors and textures can help me when I’m stuck on how to proceed with a rug.  I would find it impossible to create in a vacuum. 

Just as Nature excites me with a beautiful sunrise or sunset, a big hawk soaring overhead, or the call of an owl – so does the sound of these women talking, laughing and sharing their creativity with each other.  I will look forward to our gathering next month.

There’s a lot of beauty out there, and I give thanks for it every day.

A few completed and ongoing creative projects

A few completed and ongoing creative projects