Response rug fun

I have finished my hooking project, The Recipe, written the article and handed it in to Rug Hooking Magazine for the Sept/Oct 2014 issue.  Now I’m on the home stretch with my other important hooking project- Tree-ific Triptych.  I think this will be in the same issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  It feels good to finish these before the deadlines.  A sigh of relief.

Now my fellow two Meyvns and I are about to start our annual response rug project.   A response rug (or round-robin rug) is a fun thing to do with other rug hookers.  Here’s how it works for those of you who haven’t tried it. 

First we pick a theme.  This time we will each choose a song lyric.  I think we did this, because none of us likes to do lettering and a challenge is good for us- it gets us out of our comfort zone.  Then we will each hook one-third our own rug doing the lettering of the lyric and some background images or colors.  We will pass our rug to another Meyvn, who does another third, before passing to the third Meyvn, who finishes it.  We won’t see our rugs until they’re finished and we cannot discuss them until the final reveal.  It’s always fun to see what the others have done.  It makes us be creative with what is handed to us.  Enforced creativity—I love it!

Here is a photo of my last response rug- the Bug Rug.  I started with the tomato plants and the tomato hornworms and some dirt and sky around them.  Then Meyvn #2 added the toad (I love toads!) and the summer squash plants.  Meyvn #3 did the phoebe (my nickname) and an array of insects.  I absolutely love how this rug turned out!  It is prominently displayed in front of my antique pantry cupboard in the kitchen.

What a perfect winter to be inside hooking and looking out the window at all the beauty out there!