Lucy's Fairy Village

Our eight-year old granddaughter, Lucy, lives in Oregon, so we only get to spend time with her about once a year.  When she comes for a visit, which she did last summer, we make the most of our time together.  Between visits to the local safari park and high tea at the Rosemary House tea shop, we love to make fairy houses.  Lots of fairy houses!

 We made an entire village during our week together.  She painted the houses and chose the decorations and I wielded the glue gun.  There was an inn, a castle, pet shop, flower shop, diner, post office, and a house.  A plastic jar lid became a pond.  The village grew so large that we had to move it out onto the front porch.  Each night, the fairies came to play in the village and would leave a gift for Lucy. 

Before I flew her back to Oregon I asked if she would like me to hook her a fairy village rug for her bedroom.  Her answer was an enthusiastic, “Yes!” 

Here is a photo of her rug, which I will deliver to her when I fly out to Oregon in June.  She saw my initial drawing of it, but not the final product.  I think she’ll be delighted.  I bought a set of small fairy figures, which she can play with in the village. 

Grandchildren are such a joy and a source of inspiration for hooked rugs.  I’ve seen many charming rugs featuring the childlike drawings of the rug hooker’s children or grandchildren. 

There’s a lot of beauty out there, and Lucy and I created some of it together!

"Lucy's Fairy Village" rug pattern will be added to my Shop page soon.

"Lucy's Fairy Village" rug pattern will be added to my Shop page soon.