Almost Heaven, West Virginia

My rug hooking group is called Magdalena Rug Hookers of Perry County PA and has about thirteen members at this point.  I’m also in a “splinter group” called, Maggie’s Meyvns.  There are just three of us Meyvns.  A small splinter, but we have lots of fun. 

We are gearing up to go to Susan Feller’s Retreat Into the Mountains in West Virginia on Friday.  We drove down together last year and had such a wonderful weekend.  The setting is the Peterkin Camp and Conference Center in Romney WV.  This is a place of serene beauty with hiking trails, woodlands, a roaring brook, and many talented and enthusiastic rug hookers.  There is no curfew and one can hook late into the night.

Susan has asked me to speak about my design process on Friday.  I’m honored to be asked and glad, too.  I never really stopped to consider how I design a rug.  I just do it.  But if I really think about it, behind every design are years of art school and more years of working in various creative vocations.  Yes, there are rules to be learned, but to someone with an artistic bent they become second nature.

I’ve produced some of my patterns to take with me.  I’ve also designed two small pieces, which will go atop two antique footstools.  I need to have enough to keep my hook busy, but I also want time to just be and enjoy.  It feels like a true vacation down there.  Almost Heaven, indeed!

I’ll let you know next Monday about the retreat – the fun, the rugs, the women and their stories. 

There’s a lot of beauty in West Virginia and I plan to enjoy a lot of it!

Dyed and as-is wool for my two footstool toppers.

Dyed and as-is wool for my two footstool toppers.