June is Bustin' Out All Over!

If you’re of a certain age, you're probably singing that cheerful tune in your head. 

June is a month that is full of happy events in our family.  Two birthdays, a wedding, the summer solstice, gardening time and my rug hooking business moving into a brand new studio. 

I should have everything organized in the next two weeks.  I don’t want to rush things, because this is a once-and-done deal and I want everything to be just right.  There are still a few small things that need to be done in the studio, so I will wait to take pictures of it until it is really and truly finished!

I thought this would be a good time to share the happiness with my fellow rug hookers.  So, for the month of June, I will include a free Stash Saver Sachet with every pattern order [for the first 50 orders].  I have fifty sachets ready to give away, so if you’re thinking of ordering a pattern, do it now and get a fragrant gift from me.  These sachets are made with vintage hankies filled with ¾ cup of a mix of lavender and mugwort.  These great-smelling herbs help discourage moths from dining on your treasured wool stash.

Life gets busy at this time of year, but don’t forget to pause and enjoy all the beauty out there!

Each sachet is unique, but they all smell equally great!

Each sachet is unique, but they all smell equally great!