Fable Rugs and Fall Potpourri

I’m still hooking away on my Chicken Dreams rug.  It’s a fairly big piece that will take up the entire wall space at the head of our queen size four-poster bed.  There have been many interruptions for work and fun, but it’s getting close to the end and that’s exciting.

As I near the end of this project, thoughts are already swirling in my head with ideas for the next one.  My daughter has been after me for over a year to hook her a rug depicting her dearly departed cat, Salem.  Now, that was a cat that was hard to love, but my daughter and that cat loved each other.

Being a practical person, I think I will combine a design of her cat and make it another rug in my Fable Series.  Belling the Cat.  I’m not crazy about cats, but I do love mice.  So, Belling the Cat it shall be!

September has started off with more heat and humidity than I like, but I’m still forging ahead with thoughts and plans for the fall.  I’m gathering herbs and plants for an autumnal potpourri.  Sunflower petals, mugwort, apple leaves, pine needles, rosemary, bay leaves, mullein, sweet Annie and sage.  All of these herbs and plant materials, except for the bay leaves, are found right here at Crow’s Foot Farm.  This mixture, when dried, will be sprinkled with essential oils of pine, frankincense, patchouli, and lavender.  I love the sights and smells of autumn!

There’s a lot of beauty out there and I’m gathering lots of it here on the farm.

Fall potpourri drying on the back porch.

Fall potpourri drying on the back porch.