Belling the Cat.

I’ve been putting off designing and hooking this cat rug for my daughter.  I’m not a cat person and find the subject matter uninspiring, but a deal is a deal.  I can at least get this started before diving into Mystery Rug #2.  Getting started is the hard part.

When I was at the Brandywine hook-in in October, I actually bought some wool for this rug.  My daughter’s late cat, Salem, was black and white.  That will pose some difficulty, but after seeing what Judy Carter did with her black leopard, I will give it my best.  I’ll also refer back to Judy’s book, Hooking Animals, which is packed with lots of valuable, inspirational and useful information.

I also decided to kill two birds with one stone and make this cat rug into another rug in my fable series: Belling the Cat.  My daughter will like it, because it will depict her kitty, Salem, and hopefully other people will like the pattern, because it is a well-known Aesop fable.  The cat can be hooked up to look like any cat of any color.  If I were doing this as a wall hanging, I’d use real ribbon and bell for a 3D effect, but this will be used on the floor.

I had to draw the cat several times.  I almost always have to draw design elements more than once before I’m satisfied.  Some people project a photo onto paper or linen and trace it.  My designs, however, are hand-drawn by me using my years of art studies and experience.  

The cold is here with a vengeance, so what better thing to do than hook with wool!

There’s a lot of beauty out there.  But I think I’ll enjoy it from inside the house.

Gathering some wool for  Belling the Cat.

Gathering some wool for Belling the Cat.