A cat emerges....

I have made progress on my daughter’s cat rug, Belling the Cat.  As always, I’ve done some “reverse hooking” and color changing.  Many rug hookers have a rug completely, or nearly completely, color planned before pulling the first loop.  I do have a mental picture of what I want to do, but I like to be fluid when it comes to final color choices.  This decision making/changing can happen up to the very end of the hooking process.  It’s not fun to do it then, but sometimes it’s necessary.

On this rug, I know I want to use secondary colors.  I find them more interesting and they seem to lead to more depth and color choices.  I’m also trying to use some of my huge stash of plaid and textured wool.  The cheese is hooked with some of the golden yellows I used on my recently completed Mystery Rug #1.

Because the cat is black and white, I considered hooking this as a primitive design with areas of flat color.  But that idea quickly fizzled out.  Although I prefer to hook with primitive cuts of wool (#7 and #8 in this rug), my designs really aren’t primitive.  I’ve been told they’re “prim-phisticated”.  Try saying that three times fast.

Also this week, I designed my Mystery Rug #2.  I am really excited to start it and since I have a deadline on it, I will probably dive into it after I finish the second mouse on the cat rug.  My daughter will have to wait a bit longer for her rug.

It’s been really cold here in south central Pennsylvania, so it’s been easy to stay inside and get some hooking done.  I hope you’re keeping warm and working with wool, too.

There’s a lot of beauty out there.  If the temperature moderates a bit, I’ll be out there enjoying it.

P.S.  Although my Belling the Cat pattern is not yet on the Shop page of my website, it is available for purchase.  Contact me through my website, or message me on Facebook for the particulars.

A sleepy cat and stealthy mice in this  Belling the Cat  design.

A sleepy cat and stealthy mice in this Belling the Cat design.