The Fox and The Grapes.

After sending my Sunflowers for Sarah rug off to Oregon it was time to decide on my next rug.  I admit that I was pretty devoid of ideas until I looked in my sketchbook where I have a list of rug design possibilities.  The one that caught my eye was The Fox and The Grapes, another candidate for my Aesop’s Fables series.

I worked and re-worked my sketches and decided to use an unusual perspective to give the piece more interest.  It’s a bird’s eye view of poor Mr. Fox unable to reach the juicy purple grapes.  The bird will probably be a Magpie, although a Mockingbird might be more appropriate.

The fable goes that the fox sees the grapes and they tantalize his tastebuds.  He jumps and jumps as high as he can, but he cannot reach the grapes.  After failing, he tells himself that those are really just tiny sour green grapes and not worth his effort.  The moral of the story is that it’s easy to scorn what you cannot reach.

To be honest, I’m not excited about hooking all those grapes.  With the detail in this piece I’ll use a #7 cut for most of the design and #8 for the background.  I often get going like gangbusters to finish a rug, but there’s no deadline, so I will try to be like the tortoise in another Aesop Fable, and work slow and steady.

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in the planning of a new hooked rug!

The Fox and The Grapes  pattern drawing 18 x 24

The Fox and The Grapes pattern drawing 18 x 24