Dyeing to hook.

This past week I worked on this month’s project for the online class I’m taking with Wanda Kerr.  The focus is on color and I found that what I chose to hook was based on the wool I have in my fairly extensive stash.  As most rug hookers know, even an extensive stash doesn’t contain all the possibilities that a hooked piece might require.  Since I am a reluctant dyer, I tried to make do with what I had, but I did have to resort to a bit of dyeing. Dyeing with a friend is always more fun and I did a bit of that this week. Maybe one day I won’t grouse about hanging over the dye pots.

I have also designed the hooked wall hanging that a friend has ordered.  It’s a stack of pumpkins as per her request.  Each gourd will be a different color.  I’ve added a mouse, because I love mice and include them whenever possible.  I think the background will be rather moody, but I’ll wait to decide that until the design elements are finished. 

My rug hooking group, the Magdalena Rug Hookers, is beginning a group project of an angel design.  We each will design and hook whatever kind of angel we want.  I haven’t decided on mine yet, but there is something percolating in the back of my brain.  Thankfully, there is plenty of time to do this one. 

More super secret rugs are in the works, so I’m happily designing and hooking in my studio with the windows open and the beauty of fall all around.

NOTE:  The Stack o'Jacks pattern is available hand-drawn on linen.  The price is $55 plus shipping.  Contact me through the Contact page of my website to inquire.  Thank you.

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in the planning of [and, yes, even dyeing for] new projects.

A new design, Stack o' Jacks, 18" x 36".

A new design, Stack o' Jacks, 18" x 36".