Out of order.

Yes, I am out of order thanks (or no thanks) to the recent USA presidential election.  This has affected me more than I had expected.  Because of this, I didn’t get as much hooking done as I had hoped.  I did finish the Stack o’ Jacks hooking, but it needs to be steamed and bound.  Maybe it will be ready for its final photo op next Monday.  Maybe.  I’ve given up predicting things, but am just going with the flow and working my way through it.

I am now designing a super-secret rug, so that needs to be kept under wraps.  I will find something else to design and start hooking, so I will have something to share with you.

So, stick with me and I will be back in order soon with a new project to blog about. Wait, is this a prediction?

There’s a lot of beauty out there if you know where to look for it.