Primitive star.

I’ve always said that I hook with primitive (wider) cuts of wool, but I’m not a primitive designer.  My designs have been dubbed “prim-phisticated”.  I prefer to create a context for my design elements and not leave them floating in space.

My hubby requested a hooked piece to sit atop an old, small, painted trunk and he wants it to look old.  Primitive hooked designs look simple to me, but I’m finding that they are not.  I chose a simple star design backed by four areas of hit-or-miss.  I’m determined to use up some of my vast supply of noodles.  I should be able to dig out enough strips in primitive colors to hook up this 13” x 19” piece. 

I’m doing this small project while I await a visit from the Muse.  She did drop by to suggest a design for the super secret rug I’m doing for a group project.  I’m excited to get going on it, but cannot show it here until next August. 

Now that Thanksgiving is over and my trip to Connecticut has been made, I will have more time to focus on rug hooking.  I might set up an altar to the Muse to entice her to come and visit for a while.  I will give some thought to what I should put on it and share it with you soon.

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in the anticipation of an otherworldly visit.

Hooking on my prim star on International Rug Hooking Day.

Hooking on my prim star on International Rug Hooking Day.