Pizza delivery.

That’s right, I hooked a pizza.  I registered to attend the Woolwrights’ annual spring hook-in in March and they’re doing a mat swap.  I’ve never participated in a mat swap and to tell the truth, I’m not one hundred percent sure how it works, but when I read that the theme for the mats is FOOD, I thought -I’m in!

Rug hookers do like to share food when they gather, so this mat just begged to be hooked.  I had several food ideas swimming in my head, but since I’ve been happily hooking round mats recently, the pizza was a perfect fit.  I’m also originally from New Jersey and there is no better pizza than New Jersey pizza.  So fuggedaboudit,  New York and other pizza wannabes - New Jersey is pizza king!

As my mat model, I used the full-color and delectable depiction of a pepperoni pizza from the box top of a frozen pizza [I don’t live in NJ anymore].  I made the pepperoni with quillies and added some green peppers and anchovies.  I know anchovies are not everyone’s favorite, but I like them and they add a bit of color to the mat.  I used a piece of brown wool to cover the back and brought it around the edge to suggest crust.   It was a bit dark, so I overstitched with beige yarn. Yummy!

If you’re in the Pennsylvania area and want to attend the Woolwrights’ hook-in on March 19th, go to their website and download a registration form.  Send it in ASAP, because they limit the number of attendees to 200 and it fills up fast!  They have a terrific lineup of vendors as always.  I can’t wait to get there!

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in the never-ending ideas for hooked mat designs.

Looks good enough to eat!

Looks good enough to eat!