Coloring outside the lines.

It’s always comfortable to do what is tried and true.  The results are usually what one expects. But as an artist, it’s important to step outside of that comfort zone and try something new.  That is what I’m doing with my current rug, It’s All Black and White

I mentioned in a previous blog that I wanted to depict Ikey, our one-eyed Boston terrier, in our perennial garden, surrounded by a “cacophony” of floral colors.  Now, I know that the word cacophony refers to sounds and not sights, but when I’m visually assaulted by lots of colors and objects, I often say these sights are “loud”.  Often, too loud. 

Creating this colorful chaos sounded easy to do, but it is actually taking more planning than I predicted.  I have a low area in the foreground, some higher flowers in the mid-point and then taller flowers to create height and interest.  After trying a variety of ways to do a suggested background, I discovered some interesting ombre wool in my rather voluminous wool stash (a rug hooker’s most valuable asset).  The colors pick up the colors in the fore- and mid-ground and suggest a mass of flowers behind the main focus of the design.  I will dye a pale true-blue wool to work in at the top to suggest sky and add some visual relief from the visual “’noise”.

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in the creation of organized cacophony and chaos!

The garden grows.

The garden grows.