When I was at Sauder Village a few weeks ago for rug hooking week, I took a one-day workshop called, Botanical Appreciation – Wooly Table Rug, with Rebekah L. Smith.  Rebekah is well known for her embroidery and wool appliqué creations.  It has been many, many years since I’ve done crewel embroidery, but this workshop sounded like too much fun to miss.

Although I’m a full-time rug hooker, it’s always good to stretch oneself and loosen up the creative muscles.  I thoroughly enjoyed this class and Rebekah’s relaxed and helpful style of teaching.  Reconnecting with a fiber art of years ago, can only help me when working on my future hooked rugs.  Adding another style of stitching along with all those wonderful woolly loops can add a new dimension to the designing and execution of a hooked piece.

I have an aversion to not finishing a project.  I don’t have any UFOs [un-finished objects] in my closet, so I hope to keep at this table rug until it’s finished.  My technique needs a lot of work, but it should get better and better as I stitch along.  I do need to get my stitches to be more uniform.  I’d like them to be a bit bigger and bolder.  I’ll keep trying.

This past weekend I met with my friend, Kimberly, who wants to learn how to knit.  My granny taught me how to knit when I was eight, so I’ve had quite a few decades of practice.  Kimberly wants to knit a baby blanket for a friend’s baby-to-be and I decided to also knit the same blanket, so I can get a sense of what to teach her as we knit along.  I find it difficult to teach someone to do something that I’ve been doing for a long time.  When I knit, I’m zoned out in the creative right-side of my brain, but when I teach someone how to knit, I have to switch over to the logical left-side of my brain.   I think that side is kind of shriveled up, so maybe having to use it is a good thing.

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in working with other forms of fiber.

Once I get all the motif pieces stitched in place, the decorative top-stitching will be added,

Once I get all the motif pieces stitched in place, the decorative top-stitching will be added,