Almost there.

It was a busy week and try as I may, I wasn’t able to complete the hooking on my Down to Earth meditation mat.  Just one more kundalini snake to go and then on to the binding.  I will take pictures of my binding technique to share with you when I get to that point.  I’ve shown photos of the cord binding before, but I get asked about it every once in a while, so a repeat is coming.

I will be in my Happy Place for most of this week.  Where is that?  Cape Cod!  I’m hoping for cool, sunny days, seafood, and fewer than normal tourists.  I will share some photos next Monday.

I am trying to think up a hooking project to take with me to work on at the Brandywine hook-in happening in a couple of weeks.  That is always a wonderful day filled with enthusiastic rug hookers and excellent venders. I’ve missed it for the past two years, but I will be there this year along with some of the other Magdalena Rug Hookers.

My next project will definitely be smaller than my meditation mat.  This weighs a ton and is so awkward to deal with on my frame.  Maybe I pumped up my biceps.

There’s a lot of beauty out there and on my favorite place, Cape Cod!

Down to Earth  almost there.....

Down to Earth almost there.....