Two names pulled from the dye pot.

TWO lucky winners this week!  The new book, Needle Felted Tapestries by Neysa Russo [©2017 Stackpole Books] elicited entries from many hopeful fiber enthusiasts, whose names were added to the dye pot.  The two winners are Laura S., who said, “This looks interesting. My felting experience is limited, so should be good.” And Connie B., who commented, “That sounds like it would be so much fun and bring out the creative juices in all of us.”  Congratulations to you both.  I’ll email you for your mailing addresses.

Fiber folks are a curious bunch, who love to learn new techniques.  This book will give them many exciting ideas.  Thanks to Stackpole Books for the giveaways.

I’ve continued to make progress on my Resistance Rug #1, which depicts Dorothy and Toto looking out over the new American landscape.  Contrary to Dorothy’s experience of landing in Oz, where everything is in dazzling color, this landscape is all in shades of black and white.  What to make of it? 

I’m hooking another rug titled, Resistance Rug #2, which I will show at a later date.  So far, the hooking is progressing well, but I want to add elements to it and that will take some time to ponder.

A third piece that I’m about to begin is another “super secret rug”.  I know this is worthy of a sigh and a shoulder shrug, because I can only mention it and not show it.  This means that I need to start something that I can hook and show as I go along.  My supply of hooking mojo is still somewhat low, but with determination I shall persevere and come up with a new design.

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in fiber in all of its forms.

Two wooly book winners. Congratulations!

Two wooly book winners. Congratulations!