I made a good start on my meditation mat this past week.  The motifs are hooked with a #8 cut and the background is done with #8.5 for a cushion-y feel.  Those wider cuts of wool also make the hooking go faster.  I’m not in a rush to finish this, but I am looking forward to taking it to a local wellness center when I go there for guided meditation.  Serenity now… and then.

I mentioned last time that I’m combining petroglyph-inspired chakra designs.  If you are unfamiliar with what the seven chakras are, and what each of them means, you can follow this link for an explanation.  The frog that I have in the fifth (throat) chakra area is one of my spirit animals.  Frogs warn of danger or interference.  If you come to my home, you will find a frog of some sort near every entrance.

The wool that I dyed for the background simulates stone.  I will be using lighter wool at the top of the mat and down along the sides.  The two-headed snakes will be hooked from the bottom up in the chakra colors.  Kundalini rising.  But that is a discussion for another time.

As always, this project will evolve as I go along.  I never make definite decisions on color or design beforehand.  I enjoy the journey and how a rug determines its own look.  Even these petroglyphs are not written in stone.

Hot and humid days here in south central Pennsylvania are making for some sticky weather.  But the tomato, pepper, and squash plants are going gangbusters.  The chicken population is holding steady for now with no further encroachment from predators.  I think I will put a frog out there today, just in case.

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in the balance of nature.

Working from the top down on the petroglyph-inspired chakra designs.

Working from the top down on the petroglyph-inspired chakra designs.