Down to Earth.

This past week, I did lots of dyeing for my next project.  I want to use up a lot of my wool, if that makes any sense. Many of us wool lovers seem to collect wool, but I want to use it, too.  Like many of you, I’ve done projects to use up those leftover noodles/worms that we all have.  In every case, the noodle bin looked exactly as full as it did before starting those projects.

My project this time will be about 30” by 72”.  I dyed five yards of wool for the background, using four different light, natural-colored wools and one darker olive green wool, which I married with onion skins and some khaki dye.  I had to do this in four batches.  I love the splotchy areas of dark rust from the onion skins and some green from the khaki dye.

From my extensive wool collection I also ferreted out pre-dyed and as-is wool in the colors of the chakras.  Petroglyphs? Chakras? What could this design be, you might ask?  It will be a meditation mat.  A mat for lying-down guided meditation.  I will also have to make a pillow to go with, but that will come later.

The chakra designs that I’m incorporating are personal to me and are in the style of petroglyphs. A couple of the design elements are spirit animals, which came to me when I did shamanic work, while living in Maine.  I will share my design next week. This will probably be a slow project, which I will share with you as I hook along on it.  Slow hooking.

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in creating something personal and meaningful.

I can't wait to see how this wool will work together in my newest design,  Down to Earth .

I can't wait to see how this wool will work together in my newest design, Down to Earth.