With the arrival of some early fall-like weather, I seem to be emerging from my annual summer heat coma.  This past week has been a whirlwind of hooking, crocheting, painting, and animal husbandry.

My Down to Earth meditation mat is coming along pretty well.  I only have two more petroglyph-inspired chakras to do. Hooking with a wide 8.5 cut of wool strips makes quick work of my hooking sessions.  I’m anxious to complete this mat and take it when I go to guided meditation.  Lying down while meditating is just about perfect for me.

Yesterday a group of Magdalena Rug Hookers spent a beautiful day at Fort Hunter in Harrisburg, PA.  Fort Hunter Day is when a variety of groups demonstrate their old-time crafts.  We enjoy showing interested folks how to pull loops.  It’s mostly the kids, who like to sit a spell and learn how to make a picture with wool, but we even had a man, Al!  He loved it.  This event also has great music, vendors, food, etc.  We always have a wonderful time.

I have been hooking toppers for a few small footstools.  I’m pleased with the results and I’ll share them with you soon.  I’ll see if I can put the finished hooked rugs and these footstools on the Shop page of my website.  I am still feeling the urge to purge!

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in sharing rug hooking with the public.

P.S.  I have added three finished hooked pieces to the Shop page of my website.

Down to Earth meditation mat is approximately 3' x 6'

Down to Earth meditation mat is approximately 3' x 6'