Making headway.

The weather was a wee bit milder this past week, so I was able to spend many happy hours in my studio.  I made up for the frigid days when I got no hooking done at all.

After hooking Sydney the dog’s head, I jumped right into hooking Whiskey.  Although I didn’t want to make them identical, I did want to use many of the same wools, which I had in small piles marked nose, eyes, ears, face, and chin.  This is not an ideal method of organization, but it worked for me.

The heads are going to stay like this while I begin hooking the brown and white spotted and streaked chests of the dogs.  That will give me a better idea if I am satisfied with their heads.  I’ve learned to not be too quick to unhook areas, unless there is a glaring error.

I put this auction rug aside for this past weekend, so I could work on a super-secret rug at the Magdalena Rug Hookers retreat.  A small group of us spent time at Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center in York Haven, PA.  It was so nice to relax with fiber friends and fellow rug hookers at this beautiful place. Although open to all forms of fiber craft, if you’re a weaver, or want to learn how to weave, this is the place for you. 

Now it’s back to working on the dogs.   I think I will have to spot dye some wool for their chests.  And I’m pondering how I’ll do the background. 

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in spending time with fellow Magdalenas in a beautiful setting.

Hello Sydney and Whiskey!

Hello Sydney and Whiskey!