Weather delay.

As in many parts of the US, our area of Pennsylvania has been in the deep freeze with no letup in sight.  For that reason, I have not spent any time in my rug hooking studio.  Yes, there is a heater in there, but in this extreme cold, it doesn’t keep the room warm enough for my fingers to work.

I always say that I prefer to be cold than hot and that’s the truth.  Actually, I prefer to deal with being cold than hot.

Before this bitter cold hit, I managed to do the preliminary drawing for the dog rug.  [My blog from last Monday explains this project.] Next will come putting it on linen and then the fun part of hooking.  Stay with me as I go along. 

I hope you’re managing to keep warm.  Bundle up!

There’s a lot of beauty out there, but I’ll enjoy it from inside for now.

Sydney and Whiskey are ready to go on linen.

Sydney and Whiskey are ready to go on linen.