Seeing double.

I finally got back to the hooking frame this past week.  I started with the barn owl on the Waxing Crescent pattern I’m hooking for a friend.  For some reason, the face was giving me trouble, causing me to pull out and re-hook areas.  I always download an image of the animal or other subject I’m hooking, so I can study the colors, etc.  I’m not trying to create a photographically perfect image, but rather an interpretation.

As I was fussing with it, a lightbulb went on over my head and I remembered another pattern that I have on linen, which is in the I-need-to-be-hooked queue. That one is Harvest Moon and it also has a barn owl.  Doing them both at the same time will save me from trying to remember how I hooked the first owl.

As always, my noodle bin is providing much of the wool that I’m using. As hard as I try to use up my noodles, they remain the same. Too bad that doesn’t work with money.

Meanwhile, there are Yule gifts that need to be made. They’re fun to make and offer a nice diversion from my usual obsessive rug hooking.  I tend to get lost for hours in my studio and when I look up, the afternoon is already darkening.

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in the variety of creative projects to complete.

Waxing Crescent owl on the left. Harvest Moon owl on the right.

Waxing Crescent owl on the left. Harvest Moon owl on the right.