In a bind.

Such a fun and busy week this was!  The weather has finally turned autumnal, although I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it stays this way.  I had a nice visit from a friend, who has moved away, so we have less frequent visits.  We enjoyed fall scenery and temps.  The leaves on the trees aren’t very colorful this year, due to previously warmer than normal temps and little rain, but there is still a fall feeling in the air.  We crammed in as much fun as we could during her brief visit.

I’m having fun getting ready to host my annual Halloween Breakfast Club here on Friday.  I love this group of women!  I will share photos of the table decorations, etc, next time.  If I remember to take pictures, that is!

My Down to Earth meditation mat is finished, but for the binding.  I love to bind rugs.  Really!  I‘ve got a lot of it finished, but I decided to hold off and take it to work on at the Brandywine Hook-In on October 28th.  I’m always too busy at a hook-in to actually hook!  There are so many shopping opportunities and catching up with old friends and making new ones.

There is a photo below of a part of the binding that I have done so far. I mentioned previously that I would share my favorite binding technique.  I’ve shared it before and you can see it by following this link.

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in the excitement of autumn!

P.S.  Although my Down to Earth meditation mat isn’t on the Shop page of my website yet, the pattern is available for purchase.  It is 30” x 70” hand-drawn on unbleached traditional or primitive linen.  My mat has a Frog and a Tiger [two of my spirit animals], but you can choose two animals that are meaningful to you.  The mat is designed with petroglyph-inspired chakra designs. Contact me if you’re interested at

Sunshine and shadows on my  Down to Earth  mat.

Sunshine and shadows on my Down to Earth mat.

A bit of the edge binding.I always roll the linen over cord and baste in place before whipping with wool yarn.

A bit of the edge binding.I always roll the linen over cord and baste in place before whipping with wool yarn.

Almost there.

It was a busy week and try as I may, I wasn’t able to complete the hooking on my Down to Earth meditation mat.  Just one more kundalini snake to go and then on to the binding.  I will take pictures of my binding technique to share with you when I get to that point.  I’ve shown photos of the cord binding before, but I get asked about it every once in a while, so a repeat is coming.

I will be in my Happy Place for most of this week.  Where is that?  Cape Cod!  I’m hoping for cool, sunny days, seafood, and fewer than normal tourists.  I will share some photos next Monday.

I am trying to think up a hooking project to take with me to work on at the Brandywine hook-in happening in a couple of weeks.  That is always a wonderful day filled with enthusiastic rug hookers and excellent venders. I’ve missed it for the past two years, but I will be there this year along with some of the other Magdalena Rug Hookers.

My next project will definitely be smaller than my meditation mat.  This weighs a ton and is so awkward to deal with on my frame.  Maybe I pumped up my biceps.

There’s a lot of beauty out there and on my favorite place, Cape Cod!

Down to Earth  almost there.....

Down to Earth almost there.....


With the arrival of some early fall-like weather, I seem to be emerging from my annual summer heat coma.  This past week has been a whirlwind of hooking, crocheting, painting, and animal husbandry.

My Down to Earth meditation mat is coming along pretty well.  I only have two more petroglyph-inspired chakras to do. Hooking with a wide 8.5 cut of wool strips makes quick work of my hooking sessions.  I’m anxious to complete this mat and take it when I go to guided meditation.  Lying down while meditating is just about perfect for me.

Yesterday a group of Magdalena Rug Hookers spent a beautiful day at Fort Hunter in Harrisburg, PA.  Fort Hunter Day is when a variety of groups demonstrate their old-time crafts.  We enjoy showing interested folks how to pull loops.  It’s mostly the kids, who like to sit a spell and learn how to make a picture with wool, but we even had a man, Al!  He loved it.  This event also has great music, vendors, food, etc.  We always have a wonderful time.

I have been hooking toppers for a few small footstools.  I’m pleased with the results and I’ll share them with you soon.  I’ll see if I can put the finished hooked rugs and these footstools on the Shop page of my website.  I am still feeling the urge to purge!

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in sharing rug hooking with the public.

P.S.  I have added three finished hooked pieces to the Shop page of my website.

Down to Earth meditation mat is approximately 3' x 6'

Down to Earth meditation mat is approximately 3' x 6'


I made a good start on my meditation mat this past week.  The motifs are hooked with a #8 cut and the background is done with #8.5 for a cushion-y feel.  Those wider cuts of wool also make the hooking go faster.  I’m not in a rush to finish this, but I am looking forward to taking it to a local wellness center when I go there for guided meditation.  Serenity now… and then.

I mentioned last time that I’m combining petroglyph-inspired chakra designs.  If you are unfamiliar with what the seven chakras are, and what each of them means, you can follow this link for an explanation.  The frog that I have in the fifth (throat) chakra area is one of my spirit animals.  Frogs warn of danger or interference.  If you come to my home, you will find a frog of some sort near every entrance.

The wool that I dyed for the background simulates stone.  I will be using lighter wool at the top of the mat and down along the sides.  The two-headed snakes will be hooked from the bottom up in the chakra colors.  Kundalini rising.  But that is a discussion for another time.

As always, this project will evolve as I go along.  I never make definite decisions on color or design beforehand.  I enjoy the journey and how a rug determines its own look.  Even these petroglyphs are not written in stone.

Hot and humid days here in south central Pennsylvania are making for some sticky weather.  But the tomato, pepper, and squash plants are going gangbusters.  The chicken population is holding steady for now with no further encroachment from predators.  I think I will put a frog out there today, just in case.

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in the balance of nature.

Working from the top down on the petroglyph-inspired chakra designs.

Working from the top down on the petroglyph-inspired chakra designs.

Down to Earth.

This past week, I did lots of dyeing for my next project.  I want to use up a lot of my wool, if that makes any sense. Many of us wool lovers seem to collect wool, but I want to use it, too.  Like many of you, I’ve done projects to use up those leftover noodles/worms that we all have.  In every case, the noodle bin looked exactly as full as it did before starting those projects.

My project this time will be about 30” by 72”.  I dyed five yards of wool for the background, using four different light, natural-colored wools and one darker olive green wool, which I married with onion skins and some khaki dye.  I had to do this in four batches.  I love the splotchy areas of dark rust from the onion skins and some green from the khaki dye.

From my extensive wool collection I also ferreted out pre-dyed and as-is wool in the colors of the chakras.  Petroglyphs? Chakras? What could this design be, you might ask?  It will be a meditation mat.  A mat for lying-down guided meditation.  I will also have to make a pillow to go with, but that will come later.

The chakra designs that I’m incorporating are personal to me and are in the style of petroglyphs. A couple of the design elements are spirit animals, which came to me when I did shamanic work, while living in Maine.  I will share my design next week. This will probably be a slow project, which I will share with you as I hook along on it.  Slow hooking.

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in creating something personal and meaningful.

I can't wait to see how this wool will work together in my newest design,  Down to Earth .

I can't wait to see how this wool will work together in my newest design, Down to Earth.