Beyond rug hooking.

Is it wrong to say that the confluence of Passover, Easter, and the second Blue Moon of the year takes precedence over rug hooking?  That is what has been going on here this past week.  I’ve been looking out and beyond the rug hooking studio.

I did do some more hooking on the background of my Tombstone Angel rug, but I’ll wait to show it when I’ve added some soft colors to the wings.  My artistic energy has been funneled into other happenings this week.  Animal care has taken center stage and may do that again this week.  Two of our four dogs are elderly and have some special needs. 

Signs of spring are here, but must be searched out.  I did hear the Spring Peepers, which always excites me.  The daffodils in Daniel Peifer’s cemetery are up about four or five inches with the suggestion of buds.  I haven’t toured the front gardens yet, but I’ll bet there are a few crocuses adding a bit of color here and there.  I hope your land is awakening, too.

I hope to have some hooking to show you next time. 

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in the subtle signs of spring.

One of my hens was in the Easter spirit!

One of my hens was in the Easter spirit!