Barn Owl with Moon - take 2.

Those of us who hook rugs find it amusing when someone asks if we actually put our rugs on the FLOOR and WALK on them!  Yes, we do.  Wool hooked onto a sturdy foundation can withstand many years of foot traffic. 

The second rug I ever designed and hooked depicted a barn owl sitting on a pumpkin with a large full moon low in the night sky. That rug had been on the floor in front of the kitchen sink for eleven years. Although the loops were somewhat flattened and it had a few stains, it was still in amazing shape.

Then it happened.

One of our dogs [I’m not naming names] had an accident on it. I picked up the rug, put it in a garbage bag, and took it out to the trash. I wasn’t upset with the dog at all. Stuff happens.

Deciding to re-hook that rug, I searched for the original pattern, but was unable to find it. Back to the drawing board I went and even added a couple of mice to the new design. I can’t wait to start hooking. I bought some beautiful dark, multi-colored, spot-dyed herringbone wool when I was at Sauder Village.  I’ll use it for the background. This new rug will be darker overall than the original.

I hope to have some good progress to show you next week. In the meantime, get your rugs out of the closet, lay them on the floor, and walk on them!

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in the redesigning of an old rug.

Barn Owl with Moon 2. Stay tuned.

Barn Owl with Moon 2. Stay tuned.