On a roll.

After a few false starts, I’m having fun working on my super secret project.  Like many of my projects, one thing leads to another and I follow the breadcrumbs until I get to the end.  I think it’s fine to share a few things as I go along, such as a creative resource that is proving invaluable.

This resource is the book, Coils, Folds, Twists, and Turns by Tracy Jamar [© 2017 Stackpole Books].  Do you have this book?  It is filled with amazing techniques and ideas for all sorts of projects.  I wrote a review of it, which you can read here.

The photo below shows my standing wool quillies, which will be part of the project.  This is not really a hooking project, but as we rug hookers know, anything made with wool is fair game.  I’ve torn 1 ½” strips and folded them before rolling.  I like the soft edge this gives.

I’m still deciding what else to start hooking.  Sometimes I come to a pause and have to wait for inspiration.  Maybe I’ll jump right into a Halloween project.  It’s always the right time for Halloween, isn’t it? Or there are always the ferns and fiddleheads that are waiting.

There's a lot of beauty out there and in playing with wool.