Fruitcake oddballs and woolly weirdness.

A friend came bearing fruitcake on Saturday for our annual Fruitcake Nosh.  We are the only two people that we know, who love this seasonal delicacy. Well, fruitcake can’t exactly be called delicate, because it’s heavily laden with fruits and nuts. I added brandy to mine. We had tea, talked about a wide variety of things and shared our sweet treat. Two happy oddballs.

I made some good progress on the Waxing Crescent pattern this past week. I didn’t hook every day, because of holiday-related projects and distractions, but the background is hooking up quickly. I’m using the perfect night sky wool that I bought a long time ago from The Wool Studio.  The wool is called After Hours, but I doubt Rebecca has any of it, unless she had it re-milled.  I’m determined to use up my wool, but the bins seem to remain as full as ever.  That’s really not a bad thing, just weird.

The weather has gotten COLD, which isn’t news.  It does mean that I have to plan ahead when I want to spend the day hooking in my studio, because I have to put on the heater in the morning.  I love it there listening to music as I hook away, stopping occasionally to look out the windows at the rural beauty and maybe the neighbors’ guinea fowl foraging for insects. 

There’s a lot of beauty out there and in the quietude of the season.

Good progress on Waxing Crescent.

Good progress on Waxing Crescent.